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Journal: Accounting and Finance - Listed in Thomson Scientific's Social Sciences Citation Index, is edited by:

Professor Tom Smith
The University of Queensland


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Special Issue: Qualitative Accounting Research CALL FOR PAPERS
AFAANZ encourages all qualitative researchers to submit a paper for a special issue dedicated to qualitative accounting research.  Paper submission deadline: 31 January 2018.
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Editorial Board

A & F Peter Brownell Manuscript Award Receipients since 1986


Accounting Learning Standards 2016

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Journal Ranking Lists:

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Institutional Journal Rankings

During the Heads of Department meeting held at the AFAANZ conference in Wellington in July 2006, it was agreed that many HoDs/HoSs would provide their departmental journals' rankings to the AFAANZ secretariat to be put up on the AFAANZ website. So far we have received lists from only seven of the following institutions. If your institution is not listed below and would like to send in your list, please feel free to email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Some institutions that are not listed below either did not have a list or chose not to provide their list. Institutions who have provided their lists below are free to send in your updated journal rankings list at any time so that the website can be updated accordingly:

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Australian National University
School of Accounting and Business Information Systems (Work-in-progress)

Charles Sturt University
Department of Accounting

Deakin University
School of Accounting, Economics and Finance

Griffith University

La Trobe University
Department of Accounting

Monash University
Department of Accounting and Finance

The University of Auckland Business School
Department of Accounting and Finance

The University of Melbourne
Accounting and Business Information Systems
Department of Finance

The University of Sydney
Discipline of Accounting