AFAANZ Accounting Education Special Interest Group

The organising committee is incredibly excited to extend an invitation to join us on Saturday 30 June at the Cordis Hotel for an experience of the senses that you are unlikely to forget. We will be investigating ‘Accounting Education and the Senses’.


Inviting participants to explore the design, content and construction of the learning process in accounting education through our five human senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and sound. We have curated a day of engagement, inspiration and opportunity.


How might you hear accounting? What does accounting look like? Could you taste accounting? How can you touch accounting and what would it smell like? We are excited to bring you a day full of explorative action taking you on a journey of the senses that will leave your head spinning. If you thought the dinner last year in the Adelaide Hills was spectacular … you won’t want to miss this one!


We are bringing over a recently graduated videographer from Brisbane fresh from an exhibition at GoMA, working with Cengage Publishers on a new touch experience and we will be hosting an evening of glamour in one of Auckland’s best-known spaces. Stay tuned this is set to blow all senses. We extend you the invitation to explore your senses at this year’s AFAANZ Accounting Education Symposium being held in Auckland on the 30 June 2018. Conveniently held just before the main AFAANZ Conference.


Registration available @ Please share and promote through your social networks and platforms - we welcome all and discriminate against no-one.


Please keep the date firmly in mind as we guarantee an enjoyable day full of thought-provoking discussion, followed by an equally stimulating dinner in a secret location! We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all in Auckland.


Nick McGuigan and Mary Low

Co-Chairs of the AFAANZ Accounting Education SIG