The AFAANZ Rookie Camp will be hosted at UNSW Sydney on November 22-23. The Rookie Camp is designed to bring current PhD students (the ‘rookies’) who are on the job market together with universities looking to hire. The format of the Rookie Camp provides rookies the opportunity to present their research in front of prospective employers. All ‘rookies’ from the Asia-Pacific region are welcomed to present, along with representatives of universities interested in hiring. AFAANZ will be covering the costs of the Rookie Camp in full, along with support from UNSW Sydney, with no registration costs to rookies or attendees.

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List of Job Candidates registered to date to present at the Rookie Camp

Image result for petra andrlikovaPetra Andrlikova
University of Sydney

Research Area: Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing, Theoretical Asset Pricing
Research Statement: In my research, I study asymmetric dependence between stock returns and market returns.  In particular, I focus on exploring investor perception of asymmetric dependence and examining potential drivers that may explain the existence of this phenomenon.

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Mohammed BhuyanMohammed Bhuyan
University of Wollongong

Research Area: Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Management Accounting

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Johannes Burger
Bond University

Research Area: Behavioural Finance
Research Statement: My research focuses on investor behaviour and asset pricing.  My most recent studies examine the effects of managerial compensation, the representativeness heuristic, mood misattribution and induced overconfidence on portfolio choice and risky asset prices in the laboratory.

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June Cao
Macquarie University

Research Area: Auditing, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Financial Accounting, Interdisciplinary, Empirical Corporate Finance
Research Statement: My research primarily focuses on new institutional accounting research area, auditing, and capital market-based accounting research.  In particular, my current research investigates the influence of multiple -levels of the institutional environment on intended and unintended economic consequences of IFRS using multiple-methodologies from multidisciplinary perspectives.

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Image result for josh della vedovaJoshua Della Vedova
The University of Sydney

Research Area: Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing, Behavioural Finance, Market Microstructure
Research Statement: My research focuses on empirical asset pricing and investor behavior.  My current research explores the role of institutional and individual investor behavior in the existence of momentum, the 52 week high and other factor based anomalies.

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Wenhong Ding
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Area:Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Accounting
Research Statement: My research interest is in the geographical distribution of various firm activities and the intermediates that could help management teams gather geographially dispersed information.

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Fan Feng
Nanyang Technological University

Research AreaFinancial Accounting, Empirical Corporate Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing
Research Statement: My research interests include financial reporting quality, institutional investors, corporate culture, and financial analyst.  In my PhD dissertation, I investigate the capital gains lock-in effect of earnings quality.  I am also interested in whether and how culture will affect financial report practice.

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Shawn Ho
The University of Sydney

Research Area:Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting, Interdisciplinary
Research Statement: My research revolves around the effects of asymmetric inofrmation in capital markets and how accounting can serve to alleviate theses problems.  Specifically, my current research looks at how financial constraints can lead to sub-optimal resource allocation  and examines the evolution of these effects over time.

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Kelly Hsiao
The University of Auckland

Research Area: Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Accounting Research Environment
Research Statement: My research primarily focuses on voluntary disclosures and the research environment.  In relation to the former, my studies advance theoretical and practical aspects of integrated reporting and sustainability reporting.  In relation to the latter, my studies identify accounting research trends and opportunities for future research.

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Ao Li
Australian National University

Research Area: Financial Accounting, Interdisciplinary
Research Statement: My research focuses on the influence of non-financial risks on firms, investors and their decision making.  My PhD thesis comprises of three papers which encompass corporate risk disclosures, financial report quality, capital markets, accounting conservatism and conflicts.  

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Peng JiaxuJiaxu Peng
National University of Singapore

Research Area Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting, Interdisciplinary, Empirical Asset Pricing
Research Statement:  As a PhD candidate in the department of information systems and analytics, I am conducting interdisciplinary research.  I am especially interested in applying the machien learning theory and computer science techniques to address accounting and finance research questions.    

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Manuel Siegrist
Bond University

Research Area Corporate Social Responsibility, Finance, Interdisciplinary
Research Statement:  I investigate the reasons why organisations continue to make decision that undermine the goal of maximizing the creation of long-term shareholder value.  In this context, I analyse financial decision-making frameworks, which are potentially fuelled by short-termism.    

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Yi Xiang
The University of Queensland

Research Area: Financial Accounting
Research Statement: My research interests include voluntary disclosure, accounting policy choice, analyst forecasts, and corporate social responsibility.  My current research agenda focuses on exploring temporal changes in management earning forecasts and its impact on capital market and analysts.

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Fan Yang
University of New South Wales

Research Area: Corporate Governance, Financial Accounting
Research Statement: My research interests include international accounting, fair value accounting, the role of accounting information in debt contracting and R&D and corporate governance.  My PhD thesis examines the application of fair value accounting to non-financial assets.  

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Bella Zheng
Macquarie University

Research Area: Auditing, Corporate Governance
Research Statement: Drawing on relevant psychology and ethic literature, my research project adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to provide theoretical, methodological and empirical evidence on various aspects of judgments of professional accountants and auditors.

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