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Edited by Professor Carolyn Cordery and Associate Professors Carolyn Fowler and Laura Maran.

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Accounting History is a specialist, international peer-reviewed journal that encourages critical and interpretative historical research on the nature, roles, uses and impacts of accounting and provides a forum for the publication of high-quality manuscripts on the historical development of accounting across all organisational forms. The journal is acknowledged as a premier journal in its field and is a prized resource for academics, practitioners and students who seek to augment understanding of accounting's past and use that understanding to elucidate accounting's present and its possible future development.

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Special Issues: Accounting History regularly invites papers for Special Issues. These are listed here and current Special Issues include:

Accounting History International Conference: Accounting History hosts a biennial international conference in collaboration with a university partner. The next conference (11AHIC) is planned for Portsmouth 7-9 September 2022. Papers are due by 1 March 2022.

Emerging Scholars: Accounting History fully supports emerging scholars and each Accounting History International Conference runs an emerging scholars colloquium. The next AHIESC will be held in Portsmouth on 7 September 2022. Proposals are due by 1 March 2022. Click HERE to download the Call for Research Proposals.

Robert W. Gibson Manuscript Award is presented annually to the paper which makes the most significant contribution to the accounting history literature. It is voted on by AHSIG members and Editorial Board members.  Click HERE to see the recipients of the award since 1996.

Editors’ Choice Collections: The intention of these collections is to bring together a selection of choice papers from across the journal's archive, centred around key themes and important debates in the field. The papers in new editors’ choice collections are made freely available for a short time, with the current one being:

With more than 20 Editors’ Choice collections, including on the topics indicated by upcoming special issues, we encourage readers to look for others on the Accounting History Editors’ Choice Collection website.



It is a pleasure to advise that the Robert W. Gibson Manuscript Award is being awarded to Frances Miley and Andrew Read for their article "Entertainment as an archival source for historical accounting research” which was included in the Special Issue in Accounting History on Accounting and Entertainment.

The award is presented to the author(s) of the article published during the year "which makes the most significant contribution to the accounting history literature".  We feel sure that you will join us in congratulating Frances and Andrew for this high quality contribution to accounting history scholarship.

The 2021 Robert W. Gibson Manuscript Award is sponsored by the AFAANZ Accounting History Special Interest Group (AHSIG). Their sponsorship support is much appreciated. Our thanks are also expressed to the members of the AHSIG and Accounting History Editorial Board who submitted votes during the voting process.

We also wish to acknowledge that the three ‘honourable mentions’ in the voting process were:

  • Sébastien Rocher, Mark Christensen and Yves Roy ‘This looks like a job for an accountant! (with good funeral insurance)’: The changing roles of accountants in superhero comics from 1938 to 2018, 26(1): 9-34 (also in the Special Issue on Accounting and Entertainment).
  • Erin Twyford ‘A thanatopolitical visualisation of accounting history: Giorgio Agamben and Nazi Germany, 26(3): 352-374.
  • Dominic Detzen and Sebastien Hoffmann ‘Methodological reflections on historical case study and interpretive accounting research’, 26(4): 665-675.

Congratulations to these authors as well! Every paper in the 2021 journal issues received votes in this process, which we believe speaks well to the quality of the reviewers in the Journal as well as the authors. 

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