AFAANZ Board 2018-2019


Millicent Chang
President (Australia) 

Professor Millicent Chang is Professor at the University of Wollongong.Her current research interests lie in the areas of insider trading and disclosure in capital markets. Millicent teaches corporate finance and capital markets research. 

Millicent has been an AFAANZ Board Director since 2013.  She was Treasurer of AFAANZ before becoming President in 2017.


Charl de Villiers
President (New Zealand) 

Professor Charl de Villliers is Professor of Accounting at the Graduate School of Management, The University of Auckland, New Zealand, where his research and teaching interests include Management Accounting, Sustainability Accounting, and Integrated Reporting. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Cape Town, University of Pretoria, and University of the Western Cape; as well as a research fellow at the Centre for Sustainability Management at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany. Charl has more than 250 research based publications and presentations, including over 70 articles in refereed journals and serves on the editorial board of 10 academic journals.

Charl has been an AFAANZ Board Director since 2015.


Andrew Jackson

Dr Andrew Jackson joined the University of New South Wales Business school in July 2005 and was appointed Senior Lecturer in July 2011. Andrew teaches postgraduate financial accounting. Prior to his appointment at UNSW, Andrew taught at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. His research interest examines how accounting information is used by capital market participants, including issues on earnings co-movements, corporate disclosure, stock return volatility, the timeliness of earnings and asset pricing models. His paper, 'Pierpont and the Capital Market' was awarded a joint share of the Abacus 2009 Manuscript Award. Andrew is the Undergraduate Honours coordinator in the School of Accounting.​

Andrew has been an AFAANZ Board Director since 2014 and was appointed Treasurer in 2017.

Jac Birt
Director - Education 

Professor Jacqueline Birt is a Professor of Accounting and Head of Department - Accounting and Finance at the University of Western Australia. Jacqueline's research is predominantly in international accounting and accounting education. In international accounting she has published in areas such as segment reporting, voluntary disclosures and value relevance. In accounting education she has published in areas such as XBRL, ICT skills, international student learning and blended learning.

Jacqueline has been an AFAANZ Board Director since 2011.  She is President Elect (Australia) and the AFAANZ representative on the International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB).

David Bond
Director - Education/Social Media/IT 

Dr David Bond joined the Accounting Discipline Group at University of Technology Sydney in 2003. During his time at UTS David has been involved in teaching financial reporting and introductory accounting at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is also currently a member of the Faculty Board in Business and the Faculty Board of Law and a committee member for the International Conference for e-Learning. From 2003 David was responsible for the operational aspects of the UTS Audit Markets Database. Since 2012 he has been a regular guest on 2SER. In 2013 he held the position of Academic Fellow at the International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation in London. He has also undertaken consulting work for a number of organizations.

David was elected to the AFAANZ Board in 2017.

Sumit Lodhia
Director - Special Interest Groups 

Professor Sumit Lodhia is a Director of the Centre for Sustainability Governance, University of South Australia, where he leads research focused on sustainability accounting, reporting, and governance.  Sumit was presented with the annual Australasian - Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Hall of Fame Award for 2017.  The award is given to researchers who show leadership and a sustained contribution to research on sustainability accounting and reporting. 

Sumit was elected to the AFAANZ Board in 2018.

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Tom Scott
Director - Technical Committee 

Associate Professor Tom Scott teaches courses focused on financial accounting standards at the Auckland University of Technology.  His research focuses on examining the intended and unintended consequences of changes in accounting and auditing rules and the usefulness of accounting information.  Tom's research has received best paper awards and local media attention.  He currently serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Auditing and Pacific Accounting Review, and on the organizing committee of QARNs.  Tom also serves on the Australian Accounting Standards Board Disclosure Initiative Project Advisory Panel.

Tom was elected to the AFAANZ Board in 2018 and is President Elect (New Zealand).

Baljit Sidhu
Director - Research 

Professor Baljit Sidhu is Professor at the University of Sydney Business School with a special interest in corporate reporting, in particular the informational role of accounting data in contracting and firm valuation.  Baljit has extensive industry and consulting experience. Her industry experience includes Head of Facilities and Research in Corporate Banking at NatWest New Zealand. Baljit has held appointments at several leading universities in Australia and New Zealand and visited at Rice and Stanford Universities, the Universities of Michigan and Rochester, the London School of Economics and the London Business School. Baljit conducts in-company training in the corporate market with clients including NatWest Bank and DHL International, and professional accounting firms (KPMG and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu).

Baljit has been an AFAANZ Board Director since 2015.

Marvin Wee
Director - Technical Committee 

Associate Professor Marvin Wee joined the Research School of Accounting in the ANU College of Business and Economics as an Associate Professor in June 2017. Prior to this, Marvin was at the University of Western Australia Business School. Marvin completed his PhD at the University of Western Australia in 2006 on the trading by retail traders and their impact on the Australian Stock Exchange. Between 2007 and 2009, Marvin worked at Bank of Scotland Treasury (Perth Branch) as an Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Sales Dealer. Marvin returned to academia in 2009 to pursue his research interests. Marvin has taught courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels based upon his area of expertise. These courses are in the area of research methods in accounting and finance, corporate finance, investments and financial market microstructure.

Marvin was elected to the AFAANZ Board in 2017.


Tom Smith
Editor-in-Chief, Accounting & Finance  

Professor Tom Smith is one of the leading finance academics in Australia and has been ranked as the number one finance academic in Australia and New Zealand by both the Journal of Financial Literature and the Pacific Basin Finance Journal. Tom is the leading researcher in Environmental Finance, Asset Pricing Theory and Tests; Design of Markets – Market Microstructure; and Derivatives.  He is Head of Department, Department of Applied Finance at Macquarie University.

Tom is Editor-in-Chief of Accounting & Finance since 2015.


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