AFAANZ 2022 Conference


The AFAANZ Board wishes to thank our AFAANZ Members for reconnecting at the conference in Melbourne. We had 284 in-person and 115 online members and exhibitors register for our event over the 3 days, capped off with the final dinner at Crown Promenade. The conference had a plethora of highlights, including two highly engaging keynotes from Professors Wai-Fong Chua and Stephen Penman, numerous informative panels and sponsor keynotes, and 180 presentations from AFAANZ members.

Thank you to our Platinum Sponsor: Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, our Gold Sponsor: CPA Australia and our Bronze Sponsor MYOB for their support and contribution to the conference.


Congratulations goes to Dr Paul Wells who received the Outstanding Contribution to Accounting & Finance Education Award.  Congratulations also to Millicent Chang, Jac Birt, Charles de Villiers, Deryl Northcott and Robyn Moroney who were awarded Fellowship Membership of AFAANZ for their continuous contributions to AFAANZ. The Peter Brownell Manuscript Award winners Steven Cahan, Li Chen and Chen Chen; the A&F Journal Finance Manuscript Award to Xiangxi Tang, Jing Shi, Jianlei Han, Ao Shu & Fulong Xiao; and Attila Balogh who won the Best PhD Award.  Also, congratulations to the Best Paper Award winners and also the Outstanding Reviewers Award winners.  All winners and categories are listed HERE.  AFAANZ research grants were also announced, click HERE to view the grant recipients by Institutional Member Universities.


Conference photos can be viewed HERE and the program downloaded HERE.


Stephen Penman plenary: "Accounting for Uncertainty"


Wai-Fong Chua plenary: "Engaged Research:  Engaging with Matters that Matter"

2021 Conference

The 2021 virtual conference had over 690 people attend the conference, consisting of 540 AFAANZ members, 96 sponsors (CAANZ, CPA & MYOB), exhibitors and guests. We had one of our most exciting programmes ever with over 170 paper presentations, academic plenary and keynote addresses, panels and industry speakers - congratulations AFAANZ Members!

A pdf version of the 2021 AFAANZ Conference program is available HERE


Here are the list of the winners from throughout the conference:

Plenary Address: Professor Phillip Stocken

Plenary Address: Professor Gary Monroe

2020 Conference

The 2020 AFAANZ Conference was held virtually for the first time due to the Covid-19 restrictions.  The Board wishes to thank the 530 AFAANZ members who attended the event to make it our best ever attended conference. The program that lists all presentations is available HERE.

Congratulations to all the award winners at the conference.  A list of all winners and categories are available HERE.

Plenary Speakers:

Professor Christine Brown:  Tax-driven Off-Market Buybacks (TOMBs): Time to Lay Them to Rest

Professor Ann Tarca:  Digital Reporting: Questions for practitioners, standard setters and researchers

2019 AFAANZ Conference, 7-9 July - Brisbane, Australia

The program can be viewed HERE.

The 2019 plenary sessions presentations can be found below:

2018 AFAANZ Conference 1-3 July - Auckland, New Zealand

Access the program HERE.  Click HERE to read the report from the Technical Chairs, Charl de Villiers and Marvin Wee.

Click the photos below to view photos from the conference.

Sunday 1 JulyMonday 2 JulyTuesday 3 July

The 2018 plenary sessions presentations can be found below:

Patricia Dechow
Martin Messner
David Reeb

The 2018 panel presentations can be found below:

Panel Discussion - CPA Australia and CAANZ
Breakfast Panel: 50th Anniversary of Ball and Brown 1968
Meet with the Editors - Jane Baxter, Robert Faff and Ellie Chapple
Conference Dinner - Presentation by Bryan Howieson

2017 AFAANZ Conference 2 - 4 July, Hilton Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Presentations of Plenary Speakers:
Professor April Klein - Writing on Something New (Sort of) 
Professor Doug Foster - Beliefs
Professor Steven Cahan - From CSR to IR

Click HERE to view photos from the 2017 AFAANZ Conference. To view the program, click HERE


2016 AFAANZ Conference 3-5 July, Jupiters Hotel, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Plenary Speakers:
Professor Mike Shields - What do you now about management accounting from published research
Professor Tim Fogarty - Accounting Education as a Field of Intellectual Enquiry

2015 AFAANZ Conference 5-7 July, Hobart, Australia

Plenary Speakers:
Professor Robert Faff - The Process of Research
Professor Teri Lombardi Yohn - Research on the Use of Financial Statement Information for Forecasting Profitability 
The program can be viewed HERE

2014 AFAANZ Conference 6-8 July, Auckland, New Zealand

Plenary Speakers:
Professor Paul A. Griffin - The Market for Credit Default Swaps: New Insights into Investors’ Use of Accounting Information?
Professor Christopher Chapman - Researching Accounting in Healthcare 

2013 AFAANZ Conference 7-9 July, Perth Australia

2012 AFAANZ Conference 1-3 July, Melbourne, Australia

Plenary Speakers:
Professor Lee D Parker - Beyond the Ticket and the Brand: Imagining an Accounting Research Future
Professor Stephen Brown - Quantitative Measures of Operational Risk: An Application to Funds Management

2011 AFAANZ Conference 3-5 July, Darwin, Australia

Plenary Speakers:
Professor Steven Salterio - Fifteen Years in the Trenches - Auditor-Client Negotiations in an Interactive Behavioral Model
Professor Jusin O'Brien - Enlivening the Battle for Ideas

2010 AFAANZ Conference 4-6 July, Christchurch, New Zealand

Plenary Speakers:
Professor Tom Smith - Using Option Prices to Infer Overpayments and Synergies in M&A Transactions
Professor Katherine Schipper - Vexatious and Recurring Issues in Financial Reporting

2009 AFAANZ Conference 5-7 July, Adelaide, Australia

Plenary Speakers:
Professor W Robert Knechel - Rethinking Audit Quality
Professor Robert H. Chenhall - Challenges in Employing Integrated Performance Management Systems

2008 AFAANZ Conference 6-8 July, Sydney, Australia

Plenary Speakers:
Professor Alfred Wagenhofer-Global Accounting Standards-Ambition and Reality
Professor Ross L. Watts - Accounting is Exciting

2007 AFAANZ Conference 1-3 July, Gold Coast, Australia

Plenary Speakers:
Professor Paul Healy - Equity Research and the Global Settlement
Professor David Otley - Beyond Peroformance Measurement

2006 AFAANZ Conference 2-4 July, Wellington, New Zealand

Plenary Speakers:
Professor Russell Lundhom - The Inefficiency of Stock Markets
Professor Gary Sundem - Accounting Education, Knowledge, Skills & Integrity

2005 AFAANZ Conference 3-5 July, Melbourne, Australia