Terms and Conditions

(i) Membership

The AFAANZ Board may, in its absolute discretion and with our without giving reasons, refuse to: a) accept any application; b) admin any applicant for membership; or c) grant any application for a change in the class of membership to which a member is admitted.

If an amount due for membership is not paid with 28 days after the date of application for membership, the Board may in its iscretion cancel its acceptance of the applicant for membership of AFAANZ.

The rights and privileges of every member will be personal to each member and will not be transferable by the membe'r's own act or by operation of law.

(ii) Events

AFAANZ does not necessarily support the views expressed at events which it organises.

(iii) Website and emails

Use of this website and the material in it is governed by these terms and by the privacy policy of AFAANZ.

Copyright on this website or email is strictly preserved. No part of the material covered by copyright should be copied or reproduced without the written permission of AFAANZ except that use of the material for private study or research is permitted without such prior consent provided that the source of the material is acknowledged.

AFAANZ does not necessarily support the views expressed in material on our website.

We do not represent, warrant or guarantee that this website, emails sent by AFAANZ or on behalf of AFAANZ (the Emails) are free of computer viruses or any other defects or interference or interception.  The material contained in this website or the Emails do not constitute financial, legal, accounting or other professional advice.

While all reasonable care has been taken in its preparation, AFAANZ does not make any express or implied representations or warranties as to the completeness, reliability or accuracy of any material on the website or Emails.

To the extent permitted by law, AFAANZ excludes any liability for any loss or damage arising out of the use of this website or Emails.

Any links to third-party websites are provided for convenience only and do not represent endorsement, sponsorship or approval of those third parties or the information included in third party websites.