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Academic Job Listings

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Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance

Associate Professor or Professor of Finance

Senior Lecturer

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Accounting

 Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in Practice or Education Track

The University of Auckland

                                                                                The University of Sydney

Queensland University of Technology

Deakin University

Singapore Management University






Non-Academic Job Listings

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Academic Positions are a list of academic positions advertised by tertiary institutions, mainly throughout Australia and New Zealand but may also include overseas positions. 

The Non-Academic Positions are a list of positions advertised by various organisations, mainly throughout Australia and New Zealand but may also include overseas positions.

Advertisements for Academic Positions are placed for four weeks for AU$200.00 plus GST (+ $20.00) and Non-Academic Positions for AU$400.00 plus GST (+ $40.00) per advertisement. This is limited to one A4 page (including logo). Detailed information can be provided through a link back to the institution’s own web page. Longer periods of placement require an additional fee of AU$200.00 (plus GST) for Academic Positions and AU$400.00 (plus GST) for Non-Academic Positions for a further four-week period or part thereof.

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