Life Membership

Tom Smith, Macquarie University
Garry Carnegie, RMIT University
Kim Langfield-Smith, Monash University
Michael Bradbury, Massey University
Philip Brown, The University of Western Australia  
Steven Cahan, The University of Auckland 
Barry J. Cooper, Deakin University
David Emanuel, The University of Auckland
Robert Faff, The University of Queensland
Frank Finn, The University of Queensland  
Jayne Godfrey, Australian National University
Gary Monroe, The University of New South Wales
Robert Officer (retired)
Ken Trotman, The University of New South Wales 
Tony van Zijl, Victoria University of Wellington
Ron Weber, Monash University 
Stephen Zeff, Rice University 

Fellow Membership

2023: Tom Scott
2022: Millicent Chang, Jac Birt, Robyn Moroney, Deryl Northcott & Charl de Villiers
2021: Jing Shi, Ray de Silva Rosa, Chris van Staden, Tom Smith
2020: Elizabeth Carson, Paul de Lange, Norman Wong
2017: Paul Wells
2015: David Lont
2014: Colin Ferguson (posthumously) and Sue Wright     
2013: Ian Eggleton, David Hay, Bryan Howieson and Gary Monroe
2012: Michael Bradbury, Philip Brown, Steven Cahan, Keryn Chalmers, Barry J. Cooper,  
David Emanuel, Robert Faff, Frank Finn, Robert Gibson, Jayne Godfrey, Philip Hancock, 
Kim Langfield-Smith, Robert Officer, Ken Trotman, Tony van Zijl, Ron Weber, Stephen Zeff

Outstanding Contribution to Accounting & Finance

Education Award:

2022: Paul Wells, Auckland University of Technology
2019: Michael Bradbury, Massey University    
2015: Joint Award - Associate Professor Mark Freeman, the University of Sydney and Professor Philip Hancock, The University of Western Australia
2000: Professor Ron Weber, University of Queensland

Practice Award:

2023: Professor Phil Hancock, University of Western Australia; Professor Bryan Howieson, University of Adelaide & Professor Stephen Taylor, University of Technology Sydney
2021: Professor Tom Smith
2018: Joint Award - Professor Keryn Chalmers, Swinburne University & Professor Ann Tarca, International Accounting Standards Board 
2011: Professor Roger Simnett, The University of New South Wales 
2008: Professor Jayne Godfrey, Monash University 
2005: Professor Tony van Zijl, Victoria University of Wellington
2003: Associate Professor Malcolm Miller, The University of New South Wales
2001: Professor Michael Bradbury, Unitec New Zealand & Professor Ken Leo, Curtin University of Technology
1999: Professor Graham Peirson, Monash University

Research Literature Award:

2015: Professor Roger Simnett, UNSW Australia
2012: Professor Robert Faff, The University of Queensland
2009: Professor Robert H. Chenhall, Monash University; and Professor Wai Fong Chua, The University of New South Wales
2002: Professor Ian Zimmer, The University of Queensland
2000: Professor Ron Weber, The University of Queensland
1998: Professor Ken Trotman, The University of New South Wales
1996: Professor Philip Brown, University of Western Australia and Professor Ray Chambers, The University of Sydney

AFAANZ - Best PhD Award

The Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand seeks to advance accounting and finance research by recognising and rewarding outstanding work of early career researchers. The Best PhD Award is being awarded each year to recognise the student of an outstanding accounting/finance PhD completed during the previous calendar year. For more details, click HERE.

2023: Zhenghang (Nathan) Zhu
2022: Attila Balogh
2021: Emma McDaid
2020: Eunice Sie Ning Khoo
2019: Yitang (Jenny) Yang