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The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Special Interest Group (SIG) is an engaged community of scholars and professionals dedicated to integrating ESG considerations into research and practice, fostering collaboration, and shaping the future of our research and industry.

Membership in the ESG SIG offers a range of valuable opportunities and benefits:

  • Networking and Collaboration: Connect with like-minded scholars and professionals to foster partnerships that catalyze innovative research projects, educational practices, and professional advancement in ESG.
  • Thought Leadership and Professional Development: Stay abreast of the latest ESG trends, research, and regulations through workshops and webinars led by experts in the field.
  • Research Excellence: Participate in cutting-edge research, contributing to the development of sustainable practices and ESG frameworks, impacting industry practices and ethical business conduct.
  • Advocacy and Influence: Engage in advocacy for ESG principles within the industry, contributing to policy discussions and helping to shape the direction of research and practice toward sustainability.

Join us in this exciting journey to make a real impact in the world of ESG.

ESG Research Forum

The ESG Research Forum is an ongoing series designed to foster a dynamic exchange between academia, policymakers, and industry practitioners in the field of ESG. As a regular event, the forum brings together a diverse group of members to engage in a rich tapestry of seminars, dialogues, and interactive sessions. The forum provides an opportunity for members to stay updated with cutting-edge developments in ESG research, discover new perspectives, and explore how these can be practically applied in various industry settings.

Key Features:

Seminars: Regular seminars are held featuring presentations by leading experts in ESG research. These seminars cover a wide range of topics, from emerging trends in sustainable finance to innovations in corporate social responsibility.

Interactive Dialogues: We facilitate dialogues between academics, policymakers, and practitioners, encouraging a two-way exchange of ideas and insights. These sessions are designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, providing a deeper understanding of ESG challenges and opportunities.

Panel Discussions: Our panel discussions involve experts from both academia and industry, offering diverse viewpoints on pressing ESG issues. These panels foster a deeper understanding of complex ESG topics and stimulate innovative thinking.

ESG SIG Annual meeting

Each year, the ESG SIG holds an annual meeting prior to the AFAANZ Conference, with the Annual General Meeting held at the conclusion of the annual meeting.

2024 AFAANZ ESG Special Interest Group Annual Meeting

Cordis Hotel, Auckland

Sunday 30th June 2024, 8.45am-1pm

Meeting Format: Hybrid (in-person and Zoom)

Join us at the 2024 Inaugural AFAANZ ESG Special Interest Group (ESG SIG) Annual Meeting! We will celebrate the establishment of the ESG SIG and engage with accounting standard setters and world-leading academics to discuss the latest developments in ESG accounting standards and research. This meeting is an excellent opportunity to engage with leaders in the field and make a positive impact on ESG research and practices.



  • Opening Speech: "Updates on Research Matters and How AFAANZ ESG SIG Can Contribute to the AASB Work," Dr. Eric Lee
  • Keynote Speech: "Materiality Viewed Through the Lens of Scenario Analysis," Professor Naomi Soderstrom
  • Featured Speech: "The Impact of Climate Risk Disclosure," Professor Jeff Ng
  • Panel Discussion: "Research for Impact - Strategies for Producing Impactful ESG Research," with panelists Professor Naomi Soderstrom, Professor Jeff Ng, Dr. Eric Lee, and Dr. Lynn Wang

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To become a member of the ESG SIG you will first need to become a member of AFAANZ, The fee for AFAANZ membership is AU$137.50 including GST for applicants residing in Australia and AU$125 for applicants residing outside Australia. Note that membership is based on a calendar year.

The fee for the ESG SIG is AU$22 including GST for applicants residing in Australia and AU$20 for applicants residing outside Australia. Click on the purchase button to gain access to this SIG. You may also "Join this Group" further below to be keep up to date with the latest news and events.


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