The Accounting Education Special Interest Group are a community of like-minded individuals coming together from academia, industry and the accounting profession to collaborate, share and co-create. We aim to improve the quality of accounting education, especially through the development of relevant and innovative curricula, placing a renewed emphasis on effective instruction in accounting programs.

We aim to bring together Australasia's leading Accounting Educators and Researchers in one of the largest communities outside the US. For more information, you can access our website here.


2021 Virtual Symposium

Learning and Teaching in 2021 and beyond: a chance to reflect, adapt and evolve

Call for papers, Presentations and Interesting Innovations Saturday 03 July 2021 - in Conjunction with 2021 Virtual AFAANZ Conference.

In addition to the research papers presented and providing an opportunity to discuss ideas, share best practice and suggest directions for future research.

Join us on-line for a chance to take part in a symposium on accounting education that will explore what is possible and how COVID responses will impact accounting education going forward. The symposium celebrates best practice education and research through a program of papers, panel sessions, and presentations by academics and industry.            

This year the symposium will engage you with the theme “Teaching and Learning in Tough Times, a chance to reflect and move on”.  Inviting participants to explore what they teach, why they teach it and what they can change to create a learning environment in accounting education that embraces the changes we face in the 2020’s. 

We will endeavour to explore topics such as: 

  1. Adaptability and helping educators cope with changing times. 
  2. Reflecting on how enforced changes redefined our views on teaching and assessment.
  3. COVID teaching and learning strategies that worked.
  4. COVID teaching and learning strategies that we might wish to use in non-COVID times.
  5. Non-invigilated assessment that worked.

Contributions to the symposium in the form of papers, workshop sessions (including the resources workshop outlined below) are invited from educators, industry members and professional bodies. Abstracts will be peer reviewed.

Submissions, nominations and expressions of interest should be made electronically. For further information or to make a submission please email us at:

The deadline for submissions is 3 May 2021. Earlier submission is encouraged.  Please note:  for paper presentations please submit a full copy of the proposed paper. 


Authors will be notified of acceptance by 14 May 2021 and will be required to notify us by 18 May 2021 of intention to attend and present. We look forward to meeting you all on-line for what we hope to be an engaging an invigorating experience. 

SIG5 Committee:  Paul Wells, Scott Copeland, Dianne McGrath, Leopold Bayerlein,  Ellie Chapple, Ruth Dimes, Matt Dyki, Kim Ferlauto, Nick McGuigan, Bernadette Smith, Meredith Tharapos and Amanda White.





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