The Goals of AFAANZ are:

  • To promote the study of accounting and finance disciplines to members and non-members
  • To disseminate academic accounting and finance research related information of interest and/or importance to the profession and public at large
  • To provide education programs such as the doctoral symposium to members and non-members
  • To promote to the public, whether by way of publication or otherwise, information on accounting and finance and related disciplines and other subjects of interest or value to accountants, finance and related disciplines by lectures, discussions, books, journals and correspondence and other publications with the public and other bodies and individuals or otherwise.
  • To encourage the study of accounting, finance and related disciplines within the general public, and, for that purpose to donate and to encourage the donation, on such terms and conditions as may from time to time be determined or prescribed, of a prize or prizes or other rewards or distinctions.

The Association's primary publication is the journalĀ Accounting and Finance. The object of the journal is to promote the wide dissemination of the results of research and other scholarly enquiries. Published tri-annually, the journal is available through subscription. A newsletter is also produced tri-annually to further enhance communication with members and non-members.