Accounting History Special Interest Group

The Accounting History Special Interest Group (AHSIG) aims to develop and support accounting history scholars in Australia, New Zealand and beyond who engage in historical accounting research and teaching and to attract new scholars to the field. The AHSIG promotes the analysis of ideas in accounting history, and on historiography for accounting. The AHSIG further encourages research which contributes to informing public policy setting and regulation, and which augments knowledge in other fields such as business, management, finance and economic history.

The AHSIG encourages scholars who have an interest in all aspects of accounting history and is concerned with advancing an understanding of the interaction of accounting and its socio-economic and political environments within historical contexts.

Accounting History is the journal of the AHSIG of AFAANZ. The AHSIG seeks to develop the international profile and reputation of the journal.

The AHSIG also supports a series of activities, such as conferences, colloquia and symposia on accounting history to foster the development of the journal and of a community of accounting history researchers.

Among other events, the AHSIG supports:

  • the Accounting History International Conference - held biannually (information about the next 11AHIC are provided below)

  • the Accounting History Emerging Scholar Colloquium - held biannually and preceding the AHIC (information about the next AHIESC below)

  • the Accounting History Symposium - held annually and preceding the AFAANZ conference

The 15th Accounting History Symposium

The Accounting History Special Interest Group (AHSIG) is pleased to announce that the 15th Accounting History Symposium will be held on 3 July 2021, preceding the 2021 AFAANZ Annual conferenceThe Symposium will take place in virtual format and calls for research proposals of Accounting History by scholars worldwide. It is not necessary to submit a research proposal to participate.

Please see the call for research proposals at this link.

Accounting History Virtual Seminar

The Accounting History Journal editors are pleased to announce the first Accounting History Virtual Seminar, supported by the Special Interest Group of Accounting History of AFAANZ.

The virtual seminar will be held online on 9 September 2021: 09:00-11:00 BST (AEST 18:00-20:00 and NZ DST 20:00-22:00).

Registration for this event will be available later in 2021.

Join us for an engaging virtual seminar for Accounting History supporters!

For program and details see the announcement at this link 

The Accounting History International Emerging Scholars’ Colloquium 

The Accounting History International Emerging Scholars’ Colloquium (AHIESC) will be held  as a virtual event on 8 September 2021, enabling up to six emerging scholars in accounting  history to present their research proposals.

This international forum is designed for emerging scholars of all ages and career stages, including doctoral degree students, new faculty and other emerging accounting researchers who have an interest in accounting history, and who seek to obtain feedback from senior faculty members on their historical accounting research projects in an intellectually stimulating environment.

For further details see the Call for proposals

The Eleventh Accounting History International Conference

The eleventh Accounting History International Conference, has been postponed to 2022 and will be held at the School of Business and Law, University of Portsmouth, in the UK.

This event is supported by the Accounting History Special Interest Group of the Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ).

More details about the Conference, the Emerging Scholars Colloquium and the Conference Venue are available at the conference website, which is found at:

A special issue of the journal on the conference theme, as stated above, is scheduled to be published following the event




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