The AFAANZ mission is to promote and maintain excellence in the fields of pedagogy, practice, and policy in accounting, finance, and other related subjects through the development of teaching and research in Australia and New Zealand. The 2023 conference is an opportunity to advance this mission and to showcase the skills and contributions of our diverse membership.

The 2023 AFAANZ conference will be held at The Star on the Gold Coast from Sunday July 2 to Tuesday July 4, with the SIG events beginning on Saturday July 1.  We will email all members when the conference registration portal opens, but invite you now to submit a paper to the conference below:

It is with great excitement that the AFAANZ Board announce that the 2023 AFAANZ Conference registrations are now open; and we are looking forward to seeing our AFAANZ members at The Star on the Gold Coast from July 2 – July 4, with SIG events beginning on July 1. 

The theme for the final dinner is "Golden Sands", so you can interpret that anyway you want... golden glitz, glam, beach, summer....

We also welcome our plenary speakers: Professor Jennifer Joe from the University of Delaware; and Professor Henk Berkman from the University of Auckland.

The AFAANZ Board have again kept registration fees to previous year's rates:

Early Bird Registration (up until Friday 26th May)

  • AFAANZ Member $690.00   ($790.00 after 26th May)
  • Non Member $1,100.00       ($1210.00 after 26th May)
  • First Time Attendee $550.00 *
  • Research Student $440.00 *
  • Retirees $440.00 *

To register for the * discounted rates, please email info@afaanz.org for the discount codes, along with any required documentation to support your discount. Also note that you must be an AFAANZ member to eligible for the discount code.

Click HERE to go to the registration page

The AFAANZ Board and our sponsors: CA ANZ, CPA and MYOB, and our exhibitors look forward to catching up and connecting!


SIG Call for Papers





The 2023 Financial Reporting Forum will be held at the Gold Coast on July 1 from 9am. We encourage in person attendance and all presentations will be made in person but we will cater for people to listen online.  The format will commence with the various accounting standard setting bodies making presentations on current reporting issues in the morning session.

This will include a comprehensive update but with particular focus on hot topics on the agenda.

The afternoon session will be devoted to presentations by PhD students, established academics and practitioners.



We invite students working on PhD (or Master) projects in financial reporting especially projects that are likely to have significant relevance to accounting standards to present papers on their research. This is an opportunity for research students to obtain valuable feedback from an audience with a strong interest in financial reporting. If you are working on a topic for a higher research degree that is likely to have significant relevance to accounting standards and you would like to nominate for the afternoon session you should e-mail an abstract of no more than 300 words to Phil Hancock. (phil.hancock@uwa.edu.au) no later than May 31. Applicants will be notified by 14 June 20232.  If you would like more details, call Phil on 08 6488 1835.



The Forum also provides an opportunity for the academic and practitioner communities to show the standard setters that some academic research currently in progress in Australia and New Zealand that may be very relevant to them as standard setters. We invite interested academics and practitioners to submit papers on any topic related to financial reporting/accounting. Full papers or abstracts of 300 words maximum will be considered for acceptance. These should be sent to janice.loftus@adelaide.edu.au no later than May 31. Applicants will be notified by 14 June 2023. Full papers for successful applicants will be required by June 30.


So, register HERE for the forum either in person or online and hear from the accounting standard setters in Australia and New Zealand.

Phil Hancock


The 19th Accounting History Symposium

Call for Research Proposals


Saturday 1st July 2023, Time: 9.00 am -1.00 pm, Format: Face-to-face

Venue: The Star on the Gold Coast, Australia

The Accounting History SIG is pleased to announce that the 19th Accounting History Symposium will be held in presence on July 1, 2023, preceding the 2023 AFAANZ Conference in Gold Coast. The Symposium will run from 9 AM to 1 PM with a morning tea and a final light lunch.

As per the Symposium’s tradition, at this event, we welcome research proposals from a variety of academics and on a variety of accounting history topics. Here, you can find the call for research proposals with all the necessary details. You are welcome to extend the call to any colleagues and students that might be interested in presenting a research proposal.

We hope to receive your proposals and look forward to meeting you at the event.

Associate Professor Carolyn Fowler of Victoria University of Wellington will be the guest speaker for the symposium. Carolyn is the joint editor of the Accounting History Journal and will give a talk about writing for and publishing in the Accounting History Journal. She will provide valuable insights and a behind-the-scenes overview of the process, the timing, and key points to enhance the quality of manuscripts. We are delighted to have Carolyn as the 19th Accounting History Symposium guest speaker in 2023. In addition to the guest speaker, individuals interested in making a presentation about a planned or existing research project are invited to submit a research proposal (of no more than three pages, single-spaced) containing the following information:

  1. Project (working) title
  2. Background (or scenario for investigation)
  3. Main research objective in one sentence
  4. Concise key research question(s)
  5. Research methodology
  6. Period selection
  7. Limitations of the study
  8. Expected (original) contribution.

The due date for submission of research proposals is Friday, 19 May 2023, and should be sent to acchis.sig@gmail.com (please also copy in giulia.leoni@unige.it and maryam.safari@rmit.edu.au).  In addition to the presentations of research proposals relating to accounting history, a panel of scholars will be in attendance, discussing and/or providing feedback on the presentations of the participants.

The following registration fee will be applicable for the participants via the AFAANZ website:
• AHSIG members: $ 65
• AHSIG non-members: $90
The registration fee will cover the catering including morning tea and lunch.

We look forward to your participation at the 19th Accounting History Symposium.
Giulia Leoni and Maryam Safari
AHSIG Convenor and Deputy Convenor



Join us at The Star on the Gold Coast, Australia, to participate in a symposium on accounting education that celebrates best practice education and research through a program of papers, panel sessions, and presentations by academics and industry. This year the symposium will engage you with the theme ‘Accounting Education and Culture’. We invite participants to explore this theme broadly, considering cultural identity, classroom and learning culture, institutional culture, industry culture and more.


We invite presentations on topics such as:

  • What does accounting look like in different cultures historically, and how does this affect teaching and learning?
  • How (if at all) are Indigenous perspectives being introduced into the accounting curriculum in Australia and New Zealand?
  • How is accounting education viewed from an institutional and student perspective, and how does this impact staff and resources?
  • How has Covid impacted classroom and learning culture, and what does the future look like?
  • How do the accounting profession and industry influence classroom culture and curriculum content?
  • What is the culture of the accounting profession? Who fits in? How does this affect teaching and assessment?
  • What is the impact of cancel culture on accounting education?

We look forward to meeting again for the AFAANZ SIG symposium in person. Please note that all presenters are expected to attend in  person. However, to make the event accessible to those unable to attend, we are exploring the possibility of offering some of the symposium sessions online.


Contributions to the symposium are invited from educators, industry members and professional bodies. In addition to the research papers presented and providing an opportunity to meet to discuss ideas, share best practice and suggest directions for future research, we are continuing several previously offered sessions:

  • Resources Workshop. Do you have any interesting videos, YouTube clips, music, videos, artifacts relevant to accounting and the symposium’s theme? We’d like to know. You will be asked to showcase your resource in this session.
  • Student Engagement Strategies. Share new and innovative learning and teaching strategies with the accounting education audience.
  • Poster Sessions. Have an emerging idea that you would like feedback on? Want to share and engage other accounting educators? Submit your idea to host a poster session this year!
  • Engaging Emerging Scholars in Education Research. HoD nominations for HDR students engaged in Accounting Education PhD Research and Scholarship. Students will be asked to discuss their research, highlights and their journey. Send an expression of interest to the  committee if you would like one of your students to be a part of this session.
  • Professional Development Session. Special guests will be announced on a rolling basis up to the symposium date.

Submissions, nominations and expressions of interest should be made electronically. For further information or to make a submission please email us @ edsigafaanz@gmail.com. Abstracts will be peer reviewed. Accepted students and presenters will have their symposium fee covered. The deadline for abstract submission is Friday 5 May 2023. Earlier submission is encouraged.

Authors will be notified of acceptance by 19 May 2023 and will be required to notify us of their intention to attend and present by 26 May 2023.

We look forward to meeting you all on the Gold Coast for what promises to be an engaging and invigorating experience.

The SIG5 Committee:
Leopold Bayerlein, Scott Copeland, Ellie Chapple, Ruth Dimes, Matt Dyki, Kimberly Ferlauto, Hoa Luong, Nick McGuigan, Lisa Powell, Bernadette Smith, Meredith Tharapos, Paul Wells and Amanda White


Public Sector and Not-for-Profit Interest Group (SIG 6) Symposium 


Call for Abstracts   


Theme  : Next generation of researchers in the public and not-for-profit sectors

Format : Hybrid (Onsite venue: The Star on the Gold Coast & Online: Zoom)

Date     : Sunday 02 July 2023

Time     : 10:00 am to 1:00 pm  


Join us in Gold Coast for the 2023 AFAANZ Public Sector and Not-for-Profit Accounting forum. This hybrid event will focus on building the next generation of researchers in the public and not-for-profit sectors and presents the opportunity to hear from an expert panel, as well as for presenters to receive feedback on their research.

Call for abstracts

The forum provides an opportunity for academics, research candidates, and practitioners to present their study/research project to an expert panel and receive feedback on how to extend the contribution and/or impact of that study/research project.

We invite interested persons to email an abstract of 250 words (max.) to Dr Ushi Ghoorah (ushi.gh@westernsydney.edu.au) by 31 May 2023. Applicants will be notified by 14 June 2023. A one-page summary of the study/ research project will be required by 18 June 2023.

SIG Registration Information

No charge for in-person or online attendance.

For queries, please contact SIG 6 Chair: Dr Ushi Ghoorah


Management Accounting SIG Annual Forum


The MA SIG will host its annual forum on Saturday 1 July from 6 p.m. at The Star Gold Coast.  The forum will include dinner and drinks, a networking session, panel discussion, and 3-Minute PhD thesis presentations.  The theme for the evening’s panel discussion is: ‘The Use of AI in Management Accounting Teaching and Research.’ Associate Professor Jodie Moll, QUT, will chair the panel.  All welcome!  Please consider joining the MA SIG (http://www.afaanzconference.com/sigs) and supporting our local MA community.


Tax Special Interest Group & Australian Tax Review Journal




‘Tax on the Homefront: Australia’s Evolving Tax Regime’


For research papers presented at the inaugural Tax Special Interest Group (SIG) at the Accounting and Finance Association of Australian and New Zealand (AFAANZ) conference in July 2023.

Special Issue Editor: Dr Bronwyn McCredie (General Editor: Professor Kerrie Sadiq)



The focus of tax policy in recent years has been one of a global approach with jurisdictions debating significant changes to international tax rules affecting multinational companies. While Australia is a significant contributor to the work of the OECD, it arguably also maintains its status as a leader of tax policy through domestic policy initiatives. Most recently, the ‘Multinational Tax Integrity Package – improved tax transparency’ proposed in the 2022-23 budget, seeks to impose public country by country reporting on significant global entities and was applauded worldwide by transparency advocates as a call to action for other jurisdictions (FACT coalition, 2022). Similarly, other introduced and proposed legislation focuses on changes to interest limitation rules (thin capitalisation), digital currency, deductions for intangibles, off-market share buybacks, electric car discounts, deductible gift recipients, and compliance to enhance tax system integrity through the Tax Practitioners Board.

The 2023 AFAANZ Tax SIG, followed by a special issue of Australian Tax Review, an ‘A’ ranked journal on the ABDC list, comprising papers from the SIGs inaugural meeting, aims to showcase these improvements.  Papers should focus on Australian tax law in operation, rather than in theory, to provide timely and practical information for stakeholders on these policy developments. Qualitative and quantitative empirical research, including but not limited to archival analysis, case studies, surveys, experiments, and simulations are welcome.


Submission Details

This call for papers involves the submission of a working paper to the AFAANZ Tax SIG by Sunday the 14th of May 2023. Submissions need to follow Australian Tax Review formatting guidelines and should indicate whether the authors wish their paper to be considered for the special issue. Authors should also be a member of the AFAANZ Tax SIG (details on obtaining membership are attached).

Please send working papers to Bronwyn McCredie at: bronwyn.mccredie@qut.edu.au.

Authors will be notified of their acceptance to present at the AFAANZ Tax SIG by Sunday the 28th of May 2023. Please note the AFAANZ Tax SIG is currently scheduled for Sunday the 2nd of July 2023 from 9am to 1pm at the Star on the Gold Coast.

Based on the submitted papers and presentations at the AFAANZ Tax SIG, the special issue editor, along with the general editor, will invite selected authors to proceed with a full submission. Authors will be notified of this outcome by Sunday the 9th of July 2023.

Full submissions of completed papers are due by Monday 23 October 2023 and will undergo a formal review process. Papers will be initially assessed for suitability and compliance with the style guide (link below) and then sent out for peer review.



The approximate timeline is:

December 2024: Papers returned to authors with revise and re-submission instructions from peer reviewer(s),

February 2024: Re-submission after addressing peer review(s),

February 2024: Final decision of the special issue editors,

March 2024: Papers submitted to Thomson Reuters production editor.


The special issue will be published as Issue 2, 2024.


All participants are invited to submit their papers to be considered for inclusion in the special issue. However, based on the number of papers presented and space restrictions for the special issue (50,000-60,000 words), it is likely that not all papers will be accepted for publication in the journal. Papers will be subject to a double-blind peer review.

Completed papers should be a maximum 10,000 words in length (excluding footnotes) and comply with the style guide for the journal. Please note that the journal generally follows the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (attached to this email).

Early submissions and communications with the guest editor are encouraged.

For further information please contact Bronwyn McCredie: bronwyn.mccredie@qut.edu.au.


All the best,

Dr Bronwyn McCredie and Prof. Kerrie Sadiq

AFAANZ Conference Call for Papers

Call for papers for 2023 are closed