AAAJ’s APIRA Thought Leadership Events 2023

In 2023, AAAJ’s APIRA will continue its leading edge issues-focussed keynote presentations and panel forums in the interdisciplinary research space.
The first event will occur on March 15th 2023 with "Leading Public Sector Research" presented by Professor Massimo Sargiacomo, Professor Maria Martensson Hansson and Dr Suzana Grubnic.

This event presents three leading public sector scholars each offering their insights into three key strands of leading-edge public sector research: public sector history for contemporary relevance, public sector sustainability and public sector strategic management. These vitally important specialised subjects hold great importance and future research implications for public sector, history, sustainability and strategic management researchers in the accounting and management disciplines. 

You can register now for the first APIRA 2023 event March 15, on the APIRA webpage: