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Virtual Reality and Sir Ken Robinson @ WCOA 2018
The World Congress of Accountants 2018 was held at the start of November.  Co-hosted by CPA Australia and CA ANZ,  an innovative program, social events and exhibition brought together over 5600 delegates from 113 countries to collectively interrogate, reimagine and reform the future of our profession.  

CPA Australia launched a virtual reality gamified learning experience where delegates were tasked to save a manufacturing company from failure by making a series of financial decisions such as number of staff, price, inventory quality and quantity. Every decision made has an immediate impact on the factory floor that is reflected visually. A high-level P&L is available allowing the delegate to find the right balance of inputs in order to produce the highest net profit result in 90 seconds.   Delegates were surprised by the engagement, the fun and the ability to link accounting theory with an engaging experience – transcending all age groups that participated, challenging the assumption that games are just for millennials! 

CPA Australia and CA ANZ not only co-hosted WCOA 2018, but had the honour to co-host a discussion with Sir Ken Robinson around the transformation of education.  In his speech ‘Creative Schools – revolutionising education from the ground up’ Sir Ken challenged us to think differently in our education design approaches.  To consider how we disrupt the traditional models of teaching and assessment to cultivate imagination and creative thinking.  Our responsibility to make education accessible and effective in a globally competitive world.  To consider how we harness our creativity and innovation to respond to an unknown future – for our students, our colleagues, our organisations, and importantly ourselves.    Sir Ken’s session at WCOA will be available for CPA Australia members to access in the coming weeks, for a sneak peek please visit our website

AFAANZ New Educators EdTech Forum
On November 20th,  CPA Australia had the pleasure for the 3rd year in row to host the AFAANZ New Educators EdTech Forum in Melbourne.  This event attracted an academic audience from across Australia and New Zealand and it is wonderful to see the generosity in time and knowledge that each of the presenters provided.  It was also a pleasure to have the Australian President of AFAANZ – Millicent Chang and members of the board in attendance.  This event and partnership is deemed important for the ongoing development of the profession and a special mention to Jac Birt for her tireless efforts she invests in ensuring each of the delegates has a highly productive and optimal experience. 

Kellie Hamilton | Manager – Certification | Education
Member Services | CPA Australia