PhD program in Management and Security, University of Genoa

When the technological, regulatory, organizational, and social aspects cannot be easily disentangled, security can only be attained by leveraging multiple disciplines. At the University of Genoa (Italy) we have developed a Ph.D. Program in Security, Risk, and Vulnerability that will train a new generation of researchers capable to tackle the security challenges of the future in businesses, organisations, and society.

Ph.D. students will acquire broad foundations on both practical and theoretical aspects of security and risk management in accounting, management, organisational science, and banking & finance, thereby learning how to conduct high-quality research and solve important research questions.

Within this program, the Management and Security Curriculum is developing research along the following lines:

  • Sector analysis and case studies in the security industries and related businesses

  • The multidisciplinary nature of security  in organisations: 

  • business ethics; 

  • sustainability and environmental management; 

  • operations, supply chain, and procurement;

  • climate and environmental risk;

  • technology, innovation, and knowledge management; 

  • businesses' organisation, performance, and crisis management;

  • alternative finance, risk management, and performance; 

  • fintech and digitalisation of financial systems;

  • sustainable and impact finance;

  • turnaround: retrenchment and recovery;

  • financial and non-financial reporting transparency and compliance;

  • accounting scandals and crisis communication

  • energy security

  • The National Interest and its impact on Businesses: toward an Economic Security Strategy

If you are interested in any of the above research lines, the Ph.D. in Security, Risk and Vulnerability – Management & Security CV can offer you the opportunity to become a trained researcher and expert in these important challenges of the future.

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